Creating a Beautiful Garden: Step 3

Step Three: Position Anchor Plants

Along with your permanent hardscaping elements, anchor plantings are the structural framework upon which the rest of your garden is based. These anchors will define your garden through the seasons. Even in winter, when deciduous plants lose their leaves and patio furniture is put away, there should be strong elements in place that provide visual interest and that maintain the basic lines and flow of your garden.

Use perennial plants as your anchors. They should be evergreen or, if they are deciduous, they should provide another element like height or strong branch structure. Many fruit trees work well for this purpose. Screening and hedging plants are often used for privacy, but their evergreen foliage can also serve as an anchor in your overall garden design.

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Find the book at Johnson’s for more information

Bennett, Leslie and Stefani Bittner. (2013). The Beautiful Edible Garden. Berkeley, CA: Ten Speed Press.

Creating a Beautiful Garden: Step 3

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