Video – Summer Maintenance in the Garden

Marta Caruso joins WUSA 9 to discuss summertime maintenance for your garden

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4 Quick Watering Tips:

1. Water in the morning, not at night

2. Wet the roots, not the leaves – we recommend using a soaker hose and timer

3. Use a 3″ layer of mulch around your plants roots

4. Regularly prune your plants to provide air circulation

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Watering Trees & Shrubs

Water Conservation

Our Blog entry, National Rose Month – Watering and Fertilizing, also has great watering tips


National Rose Month – Vol. 2/4 – Watering and Fertilizing


Watering: Under normal conditions, roses need an inch of water a week. Sandy soil dries out more quickly than a clay or loam and thus needs more frequent watering, perhaps every 5 days instead of once a week. Adding organic matter, such as Leaf Gro, to a sandy soil can help it hold moisture so that watering is not needed as frequently. It is important to water deeply (12 to 18 inches) but as infrequently as possible to encourage deep roots. Roses with deep roots will be stronger, healthier, and more drought resistant than those with shallow roots. Water early in the day so that the leaves do not stay wet throughout the night, as this fosters disease, especially if you are using an overhead watering system rather than a drip system.

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National Rose Month – Vol. 2/4 – Watering and Fertilizing