Video – Summer Maintenance in the Garden

Marta Caruso joins WUSA 9 to discuss summertime maintenance for your garden

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4 Quick Watering Tips:

1. Water in the morning, not at night

2. Wet the roots, not the leaves – we recommend using a soaker hose and timer

3. Use a 3″ layer of mulch around your plants roots

4. Regularly prune your plants to provide air circulation

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Watering Trees & Shrubs

Water Conservation

Our Blog entry, National Rose Month – Watering and Fertilizing, also has great watering tips


Mulching Your Landscape

A good mulch keeps the soil evenly moist, insulates it from rapid temperature fluctuation, and reduces erosion by wind and water. Its protective covering keeps weeds down and helps prevent mud and disease organisms from splashing onto plants during watering. Mulch also adds an attractive finish to the garden. Moreover, mulch can contribute organic matter and nutrients to the soil.  Continue reading “Mulching Your Landscape”

Mulching Your Landscape

National Rose Month – Vol. 4/4 – Insect and Disease Control


Roses are especially susceptible to diseases, particularly powdery mildew and black spot. These are the most severe where humidity or rainfall is high, or where air circulation is poor. Well-maintained plants are less likely to succumb to diseases than weak ones. Follow the recommendations given in our past blog posts for planting, watering and fertilizing, and pruning your roses.

Continue reading “National Rose Month – Vol. 4/4 – Insect and Disease Control”

National Rose Month – Vol. 4/4 – Insect and Disease Control